Your Inner Strength

The next time you’re confronted by difficulties, large or small, remember Rebbe Nachman’s call: “Never despair! Never give up!”

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and consider your options— because you do have them.

Say a prayer to G-d to help you succeed in this situation He’s put you into.

Even if all the exits seem blocked, use your inner strength to cope with situations you cannot change.

Chaim Kramer, Rebbe Nachman And YOU

Going Beyond Nature

Through prayer we have the power to channel G-d’s providence in a way that goes beyond nature. Nature may dictate one thing but prayer has the power to change nature.

Yehoram, king of Israel, said to Gehazi, “Please tell me the great things that Elisha did” (II Kings 8:4), for “Whatever Elisha did, he accomplished through prayer” (Megilah 27a).

Thus prayer, which gives us access to the realm of miracles and providence, the very opposite of nature, is “great.”

Avraham Greenbaum, The Essential Rabbi Nachman


Rebbe Nachman once remarked that the Evil One is a sly character. He comes knocking on your mind. If you allow him to enter, he comes in and takes over, and if you repel him, he goes away and comes knocking again later on. But if you keep up the battle and not give in, he will eventually go away and not return (Likutei Moharan II: 51).

Thoughts enter and leave quickly – very quickly. If they are given credence, they remain, but, if they are shrugged off and considered of no value, they will have been successfully chased away.

Chaim Kramer, Crossing the Narrow Bridge


G-d wants us to stay connected and aligned, but guilt keeps us separate.

Shame over the past keeps us from reconnecting with our Source.

Rabbi Baruch Gartner, Living Aligned

A Sweeter Life

When you raise your voice and to speak to the Creator in your own words, life becomes sweeter, you gain clarity, wisdom, patience, insight, and sweetness in the renewed and expanding awareness that G-d was there listening to your sweet voice your whole life!

Rav Dror, Talk to Him: The Beginners Guide to Finding the Real You (Sparks Book 1)

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Hidden Inside of a Body

You can begin to see that your life is all Hashem’s mercy. You are a spiritual soul that is hidden inside of a physical body. The soul is Hashem’s infinite light and goodness, but it’s light is hidden within its physical connection to the body.

Rav Dror, Finding Your Good Points

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The Revolving Sword

Most of us live in doubt about what our next move should be, what direction we should take. I call this the “functional dysfunctional mind.” Our thoughts race, and we’re deafened by the internal chatter and static.

We’re so used to this chaos that we think it’s totally normal.

Our thoughts ricochet back and forth constantly, sapping our vital energy. This isn’t our natural state; it’s not how we ought to be living.

Living Aligned, by Rabbi Baruch Gartner