The Light

Just be Happy

Intense Darkness

No matter who you are, you can always find new vitality and strength through Truth.

The Truth is G-d’s own Light – and there is no darkness in the world that is too dark for G-d.

There is no impurity or unholiness in the world that does not have exits through which one can escape.

It is just that people don’t see the openings because of the intense darkness.

Rebbe Nachman, Likutei Moharan  I: 112, end, as cited in Tsohar: Light, by BRI

Your Inner Strength

The next time you’re confronted by difficulties, large or small, remember Rebbe Nachman’s call: “Never despair! Never give up!”

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and consider your options— because you do have them.

Say a prayer to G-d to help you succeed in this situation He’s put you into.

Even if all the exits seem blocked, use your inner strength to cope with situations you cannot change.

Chaim Kramer, Rebbe Nachman And YOU

Beyond This World

The purpose of suffering lies beyond this world, in a realm we cannot see with our physical eyes. The most that can be revealed in this world is through a Bat Kol – a faint echo of a voice – for those willing to hear it. It is a matter of belief. It has to be, because this side of death we cannot see what lies beyond. Here we cannot see that for the soul there is no death, only eternal life.

Adapted from Garden of the Souls: Rebbe Nachman on Suffering, by Avraham Greenbaum

Hidden Within Each Obstacle

For indeed, there is no obstacle in the world at all, for in the very midst of the obstacles themselves is G-d hidden, and specifically by way of the obstacles themselves is it possible to come close to Him, for He is hidden there.

Rebbe Nachman, Likutei Moharan, I: 115

Our Mind

More than anything or anyone else, our thoughts are our constant companions. They don’t even leave us when we sleep. Our minds – which is where we spend most of our lives – experience alternating periods of Darkness and Light, of turmoil and resolution. What’s more, as Rebbe Nachman said, wherever your mind is – that’s where you are! (Likutei Moharan I, 21:end).

If your mind is experiencing confusion and a lack of knowledge, it’s Night, no matter what your watch shows. You’re “in the Dark.” On the other hand, if your mind is alert and filled with clarity and wisdom, aren’t you seeing the Light of Day? In fact, Light is always being associated with creative problem-solving: viz. “the light bulb” which turns on when you have a bright idea.

Chaim Kramer, Crossing the Narrow Bridge