Hashem’s Kindness

R’ Levi Yitzchak teaches that although Hashem set up creation in a way that our actions affect all of the heavenly channels, we must never fall under the mistaken impression that we are earning Hashem’s bounty. Anything Hashem grants us is a complete and absolute kindness.

“We shall do and we shall hear”

When Hashem revealed Himself on Mount Sinai, the People of Israel understood the secret of “We shall do and we shall hear” (Exodus 24:7). They realized they must commit to doing the commandments first. Through emuna, they were able to “do” before they could “hear” or understand.


When we fall from our spiritual level, we should know that this is sent from heaven. The purpose is to draw us closer to Hashem, to make new efforts to come closer to Him. We need to start serving Hashem again, as if we never served Him before. (Likutei Moharan, I:261)