Just be Happy


From the Suffering

True Joy

Without experiencing sorrow and mourning, there is no way for us to appreciate its opposite. We have nothing with which to compare our happiness.

Therefore we experience suffering. Only then can we know the true taste of joy.

Chaim Kramer, Rebbe Nachman And YOU

Our Downfall

Yesterday and tomorrow are a person’s downfall.

Today, you may be aroused towards G-d. But yesterday and tomorrow pull you back.

No matter where a person stands, one suffers reverses. The one who dwells on yesterday and tomorrow will surely fall away.

Reb Noson of Breslov; Rebbe Nachman of Breslov. Rebbe Nachman’s Wisdom #288

Forget About it!

Have you ever heard the expression, “Smile, though your heart is broken”? Seems odd? Doesn’t it seem more logical that if you‟re hurting, you should be sad and upset?

Our Sages tell us otherwise, “Whoever, is drawn to problems – problems are drawn to him” (Berachos, 63a).

Simply put, thinking about problems magnifies them; giving no thought to them, shrinks them.

So, you got a problem? Why not do the opposite; don’t think about it; forget about it, and be grateful!

Forget about It!: Based on the Teachings of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov and of His Student Rabbi Nossan of Breslov, by Mohorosh HaKodesh Breslov

Be Happy!

Rebbe Nachman of Breslov repeatedly emphasized the importance of being happy. “It is a great mitzvah to be happy at all times!” (Likutei Moharan II: 24).

Azamra! – “I will sing!” – is his teaching about the way to happiness by always seeking the good points in ourselves and others (Likutei Moharan I: 282).

Azamra! – “I will sing!” – by Rebbe Nachman, Breslov Research Institute