How To Be At Peace

Be like G-d and don’t look for people’s shortcomings and weak points.

You will then be at peace with everyone. (Ad. p.258)

Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, The Empty Chair: Finding Hope and Joy—Timeless Wisdom from a Hasidic Master, Rebbe Nachman of Breslov

Seek Only The Good

G-d’s way is to focus on the good. Even if there are things that aren’t so good, He only looks for the good.

How much more do we have to avoid focusing on the faults of our friends? We are obligated to seek only the good— always! (Likutei Moharan II: 17).

Chaim Kramer, Rebbe Nachman And YOU

Intense Darkness

No matter who you are, you can always find new vitality and strength through Truth.

The Truth is G-d’s own Light – and there is no darkness in the world that is too dark for G-d.

There is no impurity or unholiness in the world that does not have exits through which one can escape.

It is just that people don’t see the openings because of the intense darkness.

Rebbe Nachman, Likutei Moharan  I: 112, end, as cited in Tsohar: Light, by BRI

Going Beyond Nature

Through prayer we have the power to channel G-d’s providence in a way that goes beyond nature. Nature may dictate one thing but prayer has the power to change nature.

Yehoram, king of Israel, said to Gehazi, “Please tell me the great things that Elisha did” (II Kings 8:4), for “Whatever Elisha did, he accomplished through prayer” (Megilah 27a).

Thus prayer, which gives us access to the realm of miracles and providence, the very opposite of nature, is “great.”

Avraham Greenbaum, The Essential Rabbi Nachman

The Unfolding of Divine Mercy

Divine mercy isn’t manifest where everything is always smooth and nothing goes wrong — quite the contrary. But it’s specifically down here, where every mistake can (and will) be made, that we witness the full unfolding of Divine mercy.

Rabbi Baruch Gartner, Living Aligned

Within The Pain

Rabbi Nachman once commented that if we knew how truly kind G-d is to us, we would realize that even when He deals with us harshly, He is still showing us His love. Something positive can be found within any pain, as the verse says, “You have relieved me in my distress” (Psalm 4:2). Beside the fact that we hope G-d will deliver us from all our afflictions and be gracious to us, it is possible to discern His love even within the pain itself. (Likutei Moharan  I: 195)

In All Your Ways: Collected Discourses of Rabbi Yaakov Meir Shechter


Without Limits

When a person believes that one has succeeded in achieving closeness to G-d and understanding of Him, it is a sign that the person does not know anything at all. Otherwise, the person would understand that one is very far from G-d and knows absolutely nothing, because G-d’s greatness is without limits.

Based on Rebbe Nachman, Likutei Moharan I: 63

The Essential Rabbi Nachman, by Avraham Greenbaum