Happiness, One Day At A Time

The most disconcerting fact of a person’s life, even from his youth, is that he does not live with reality. He does not consider the day that he has, and instead contemplates the future. His life cannot be termed reality, for reality is having “only today”.

Fortunate is one who lives his life in the manner of having “only today,” for then he will be a truly contented person, and will sense the happiness of life in each and every day.

Only Today: Based on the Teachings of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov and of His Student Rabbi Nossan of Breslov, by Mohorosh HaKodesh Breslov

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The Beauty of Breslov

This site is dedicated to the teachings of Rebbe Nachman and his followers, Chassidut, Kabbalah, and Non-Chassidic Torah Giants... By Yaakov Shmuel

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