Inner Peace

Inner peace is a truly remarkable achievement. The person who is comfortable with himself and feels at ease with whatever situation he finds himself in can accomplish tremendous things during his life.

Just examine the fellow who is comfortable with himself: he exudes self-confidence, is a pillar of strength, and emerges as a sea of tranquility amid all the tumult around him.

Because he is willing to avoid combative situations, even when it might seem to be to his detriment, he emerges from every fracas unscathed.

As he radiates that inner peace outwards, influencing those around him, eventually he can spread peace far and wide.

Chaim Kramer, Rebbe Nachman And YOU

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The Beauty of Breslov

This site is dedicated to the teachings of Rebbe Nachman and his followers, Chassidut, Kabbalah, and Non-Chassidic Torah Giants... By Yaakov Shmuel

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