Malchut – The Realization of G-d

Let the Truth of G-d’s ever present Existence penetrate your entire being. Comprehend without a shadow of a doubt that nothing whatsoever exists other than G-d Himself. Everything in the entire universe is all part of G’d’s very own Self — whether human,
animal, plant or mineral. This is even more obvious for everything existing in the
spiritual realms.

In the language of Kabbalah, this realization of G-d is called the Kingdom [Malchut], for by acknowledging G-d’s all encompassing Presence, a person draws down the blissful “yoke” of G-d’s Rulership upon oneself as well as upon the entire world.

The Divine Conversation: Based on the Teachings of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov and of His Student Rabbi Nossan of Breslov, by Mohorosh HaKodesh Breslov

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