Coming To Terms With Reality

A person suffering from unrealistic modes of perception imagines that other people are acting against him. He repeats these thoughts over and over until he is convinced of it. Then he is possessed by his fantasy; his nerves are frazzled,  he cannot relax, and he eats himself alive.

He doesn’t have the peace of mind to discipline his thoughts and maintain a healthy, spiritual regimen of learning Torah, praying to G’d, and carrying out G’d’s commandments joyfully.

Instead, he is ruled by fear and rendered incapable by tension. He is moody and angry, and he indulges in bitter fantasies of how he will  revenge himself.

The people he is so worked up about may not have had any intention to hurt him; they may hardly be aware of him. And all the negative thoughts, the nerves, and the fantasies are baseless.

Come to terms with what your situation really is.

Illusions: Based on the Teachings of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov and of His Student Rabbi Nossan of Breslov, by Mohorosh HaKodesh Breslov


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