Intro: How to Find Your Way in Darkness – Rav Dror

Reb Natan in Likutei Halakhot says:

When we fall into hard times, many of us make the mistake of thinking that when we experience darkness, it’s because of our sins, mistakes, and failures. But the truth is that when people are experiencing darkness, it is because the Creator turned off the light. If the Creator would want to turn on the light, even the darkest hour will shine like the brightest day.

For that, you need faith. Because it is very, very easy for a person to fall into sadness and depression, to self-blame, to self-hatred, and to not recognize the hand of the Creator in what one is going through.

It is very easy to praise the Creator (Hashem), and to recognize His G-dliness when we experience miracles and wonders, and happy things in life. But when something hard is happening in our life, the natural thing to do is to blame ourselves instead of recognizing the G-dly Supervision of the Creator in our life – making the hours even darker…

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How to Find Your Way in Darkness – Rav Dror

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