Finding Our Good Points

Know! You need to judge every person favorably, even someone who is completely wicked, you need to search and find any little bit of good. By finding in him a little good and judging him favorably you actually bring him over to the side of merit and you can return him in t’shuva (repentance) -Rebbe Nachman, Likutei Moharan I: 282

One of the main reasons people get depressed is failure. We must be careful, it’s not good to allow a feeling of failure to set in. When we do, we become pessimistic and this invites further failures. What else can we do? We can find a good point in ourselves. Recharge with optimism and positive thinking. We do have valuable qualities! We can succeed! Adopting this attitude will help us recover from any setbacks. Even in those areas where things are going all wrong, we will encounter success. Many times, we need to find the the good points even in ourselves!

Adapted from Crossing the Narrow Bridge, by Chaim Kramer

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The Beauty of Breslov

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