Hashem desires the Heart

You must have great enthusiasm in serving Hashem. Be eager to do as much as possible every hour and every day. Deeds are the main thing. Study much, keep many mitzvot, spend much time praying and pouring out your heart before Hashem. You must do as much as possible in every way.

Even so, do not feel overwhelmed. You may find many kinds of devotions in the sacred literature and ask, “When will I be able to fulfill even one of these devotions? How can I ever hope to keep them all?” Do not let this frustrate you.

Go slowly, step by step. Do not rush and try to grasp everything at once.

Proceed slowly, one step at a time. If it happens that a person cannot do anything, what can one do? A person who is under duress is exempted by G-d (Bava Kama 28b).

Even though there are many things you cannot do, you should still yearn to fulfill them. The longing itself is a great thing, for Hashem desires the heart (Sanhedrin 106b).

Rebbe Nachmen, Sichot HaRan #27, by Reb Noson of Breslov

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