It is All from Hashem’s Great Kindness

Hashem says, “I will surely do it for My own sake” (Isaiah 48:11), as in, “‘Who came before Me that I should reward him?'” (Job 41:3) – “‘Who made for Me a mezuzah before I gave him a house?'” (Leviticus Rabba 27:2)

It is not proper to think about receiving reward for anything, for all of our good deeds and all our prayers are given to us by Hashem. Therefore, even if a person occasionally merits some salvation and to draw a little bit closer [to holiness], a person should not think that one merited this as a result of one’s own Torah study, prayers and good deeds. For everything is from Hashem, and were it not for His great kindness, we would already have drowned, G-d forbid, in exile.

Rebbe Nachman, Likutei Moharan I: 2

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