Cry out to Hashem

Imagine that you are in the middle of the sea, with a storm raging to the very height of the heavens. You are hanging on by a hairsbreadth, not knowing what to do. You do not even have time to cry out. You can only lift your eyes and heart to G-d.

You should always lift your heart to G-d like this. Seclude yourself and cry out to Hashem. The danger is more than imaginary. As you know deep down in your soul, every person is in great danger in this world. Understand these words well.

Rebbe Nachman, Sichot HaRan #117, by Reb Natan

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The Beauty of Breslov

This site is dedicated to the teachings of Rebbe Nachman and his followers, Chassidut, Kabbalah, and Non-Chassidic Torah Giants... By Yaakov Shmuel

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