Keeping it Simple

Someone once asked Rebbe Nachman, “When I’m praying and I mention HaShem’s holy Name, what profound thoughts, what deep intentions, should I have in mind?” “Isn’t the simple meaning of ‘G-d’ enough for you?!” the Rebbe answered. (Tzaddik 414)

Rebbe Nachman says that no sophistication is needed in serving Hashem. All that is required is simplicity, sincerity, and emuna (faith). Simplicity is higher than all else. For Hashem is certainly higher than everything else, and He is ultimately simple! (Sichot HaRan #101)


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The Beauty of Breslov

This site is dedicated to the teachings of Rebbe Nachman and his followers, Chassidut, Kabbalah, and Non-Chassidic Torah Giants... By Yaakov Shmuel

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