While You are Crying with Longing…

There are two types of crying. There is a crying from anger, and there is a crying from longing. On Tisha B’Av the crying is from longing, because on Tisha B’Av I feel again how beautiful the Beit HaMikdash was and how much I wish I was still there. The Gemara says, “If you are mourning over Jerusalem, you will be privileged to see the rebuilding” … The Talmud doesn’t say that someday we sill see the rebuilding. It says that while you are crying you will see the rebuilding… If you cry with longing, while you are crying you are already there. (Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach)

Excerpt from, The Soul of Jerusalem: Teachings of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, p. 40


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The Beauty of Breslov

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