Even a Wayward Child is still a Parent’s Child

A confusing thought may enter your mind, but if you stand firm, Hashem will send you another thought to encourage you.

Similarly, you may imagine that you are no longer one of Hashem’s children. But if you do your part, Hashem will eventually send you thoughts of encouragement… Therefore you should pour out your thoughts and troubles before Hashem, just like a child complaining to his father. (Sichot HaRan 7)

Rebbe Nachman says it is a great merit if a person is able to come before Hashem and pour out one’s heart, just like a child coming before one’s father. What happens when a wayward child comes crying before his father, showing remorse and regret, and promising to improve? It is only natural for the father to have a certain amount of compassion and pity.

When we feel in our heart that we have done so much wrong, that we have turned away from Hashem, G-d forbid, how can we still feel like a child before Hashem? Rebbe Nachman says that we must seek consolation in the fact that Hashem calls us His children, “You are children of Hashem your G-d” (Deuteronomy 14:1). For good, or otherwise, we are still His children. Even a wayward child is still a parent’s child.

Based on Sichot HaRan 7 and Rebbe Nachman’s Soul


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