The Good Points

Rebbe Nachman teaches us:

“A person needs to look for the good points within oneself, because it is known that a person needs to be very careful to always be happy, and to distance oneself from sadness a very great deal. A person just needs to search and look inside oneself for a little bit of good, some good point in a mitzva or a good deed one has done, in order to give life to oneself and come to happiness, and through this, the person can truly move from the side of judgment to the side of merit” (Likutei Morahan I: 282).

The fact that we exist and are alive is a wonderful kindness that Hashem performs for us every day. When we remember our good points and are happy with them, and when we thank Hashem, we merit appreciating Hashem’s goodness. This allows Hashem to increase the good we have within us even more.

Based on From the Depths, by Rabbi Ofer Erez

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The Beauty of Breslov

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