Accepting All with Love and Joy

We see that Hashem sometimes runs the world in ways that we find very difficult to accept. Things can happen that are hard to understand, and we have no idea where they may lead. Therefore, we must seek out advice that will help us to deal with reality when things happen that are very difficult to accept.

Rebbe Nachman (Likutei Moharan II: 5) tells us that there is advice from the true tzaddikim which is “wondrous.” When we merit to discover this advice, we receive a path and a strength to pass in peace through the stormy waters that threaten to destroy us.

Before we can understand the advice, we need to understand a fundamental rule. Every one of us has two incredible abilities to achieve, rectify, and change things for the greatest good. These two abilities exist inside each of us — the power of  thought and the power of speech. Through correct thought and correct speech we are able to turn everything around for the best.

The advice from the true tzaddikim is likened to a “seed” that causes emuna (faith in Hashem) to grow within us. Our emuna will slowly grow over time as we continue to nurture it. We need to keep three important points in mind as we begin on our path:

  • We must know that everything that happens is only from Hashem, who acts with complete Divine supervision.
  • We must believe that everything that happens to us is for our ultimate good, which allows us to accept what happens to us with love.
  • Be happy with everything that happens, regardless how it may appear. In the end, everything will turn out for the best.

Although it may not appear at first to be so good, and although we cannot initially understand what is happening, if we accept this advice from the true tzaddikim, we will be able to dance and say, “Hashem, I have no clue why this is happening! I do not understand it at all. But I believe that everything, including this, comes from You and that You always do what You know is for my best. I can’t feel Your presence now, but I know You are here with me. And I know that You are preparing something for me that is greater than I can understand. Thank You, Hashem!”

This new path of emuna will slowly grow within our heart and mind. This is the understanding which comes down to us from heaven and reveals to us the gifts that we are receiving through our pain and suffering. May we each merit to reach a level where we will feel that what we are going through is actually for our best, and to understand that good will come out of this present suffering.

This is an entirely new awareness of true reality that will open up to each of us. We must know: It is impossible to fix the world, but it is possible to fix the lenses through which we view the world.

Based on From the Depths, by Rabbi Ofer Erez

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