Ingratitude Causes Sin

Our feelings of constant ingratitude can blind us to Hashem’s good intentions in all the apparently negative circumstances that befall us. This is the “half empty cup syndrome,” where we fixate on the half that is empty and completely miss the half that is there.

Throughout world history, the root of all evil has been ingratitude. Adam was particularly ungrateful to Hashem after he sinned. “The woman who You gave me, gave it to me and I ate” (B’reishit 3:12). Adam could have simply said, “The woman gave it to me.” Why did he add, “who You gave me”? It is as if he was accusing Hashem, saying, “You are guilty for giving me this woman who constantly seduces me to sin…” Adam appears to have been blaming Hashem! He probably thought, “If You did a better job choosing whom to give me, I wouldn’t be in this mess now!”

From Adam until today, all of our sins, transgressions, crimes, and failures are simply the result of ingratitude. Rather than looking for all of the good things in our lives, we tend to focus on those things that do not appear so good.

A grateful person never complains and is never depressed. This person always feels true appreciating to Hashem and all others. This grateful individual especially recognizes all the good that Hashem has done, is doing, and will do in their life. And this person always says thank you.

We must strive to become this grateful person. May we each merit Hashem’s help in eradicating ingratitude from our hearts, so that we can become one who is always grateful to Hashem for all the good He does for us each day. This is how we rectify the sin of ingratitude that has caused so much pain and suffering throughout our lives and throughout history.

Based on The Garden of Gratitude, by Rabbi Shalom Arush

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