Gratitude to Hashem

“If everyone would heed the true tzaddik, follow in his path, and steadfastly believe in Hashem — in particular, that everything that happens is for our ultimate good; if everyone would constantly give thanks and praise to Hashem, whether under good circumstances or not, as it is written, ‘In Hashem (expressing G-d’s attribute of loving-kindness) I will praise His word, in Elokim (expressing G-d’s attribute of judgment) I will praise His word,’ surely all the troubles and all the exiles would be completely nullified and the complete redemption would take place!”

Rabbi Natan of Breslov, Likutei Halakhot, Laws of Unloading and Loading, 4

This is a fundamental lesson that we must never forget, but should be engraved in our hearts! Rebbe Natan promises us that if we will express gratitude in all situations, our suffering and exile will be nullified and we will merit the complete redemption.

Since our present exile and its accompanied suffering all stem from Israel’s needless crying in the desert, as discussed in Still Cryingwe must uproot and remove any blemish of ingratitude and self-pity. We must replace these bad character traits with thanks for, gratitude to, and praise of Hashem.

T’shuvat hamishkal (equivalent rectification) is using the principle of measure for measure in rectifying a misdeed. In order to rectify needless crying and self-pity, we must go to the opposite extreme and actually thank Hashem for our troubles! This is not a simple task, but does manifest our emuna that there is no bad at all, since Hashem does everything for our ultimate good.

We must strive to focus only on Hashem’s goodness in everything that happens to us. May we merit to reach such a level in emuna that we can express gratitude to Hashem in all situations.

Based on The Garden of Gratitude, by Rabbi Shalom Arush

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