Connecting with Hashem

Many of us have more material wealth and comfort than ever before. However, we feel we are still lacking something. In spite of all of the modern luxuries available to us, we are still never truly happy. This is because all of these things are not what we actually lack.

What we are lacking is a genuine connection with Hashem. In the midst of the profound darkness of our generation, “The Guardian of Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps” (T’hillim 121:4). Hashem sends us true tzaddikim, to help guide us and illuminate our path in this long exile.

They help each of us find our proper path in order to return to where we belong, a place of emuna (faith in Hashem), where we have a true, palpable connection with Hashem. They reveal to us wonderful advice on how to have a true and personal relationship with Hashem. When we connect to them and accept their advice, we can find the source of the living waters that can quench our thirsty souls in the darkness of this long exile.

Rebbe Nachman tells each of us:

By way of the advice that is revealed in the world, emuna grows… and by way of this, we receive our remedy for the severe blows… and this is an aspect of the covenant of the world — at fist there is darkness, and then there is light. And to the extent that more light is revealed, which means advice, the darkness, which is the lack of advice, is pushed away; and so grows emuna… and through this is the main remedy” (Likutei Moharan II: 5).

When we merit to learn and understand the pathways and the advice of the true tzaddikim, we are able to slowly grow in our emuna which dwells in our hearts. Then, and only then, do we merit inner peace and harmony.

It is then that we will truly understand that everything that Hashem does is for the best, which is a taste of the World to Come (Likutei Moharan 4). There is no despair in the world at all (Likutei Moharan II: 78), and everything will turn into a salvation and redemption. When emuna grows within us, our heart will feel the security of the protection of the Guardian of Israel.

Based on From the Depths, by Rabbi Ofer Erez

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