A Short Prayer to Start the Day

It is very good for a person to hand oneself over to Hashem and rely on Him when the day comes. (Sichot HaRan, 2)

Following the practice of Rav Yitzchak Breiter, one of the leaders of Chassidei Breslov of Poland, the following is the wording of ‘giving oneself over’ that Chassidei Breslov still say today:

“Master of the World, I give myself over to You, all my actions, all my thoughts and words, my eating, drinking, learning, praying, and breathing — and all those of my children and of all others who are dependent on me, of this day (specifying the day), that all of them will be according to Your will and desire for good.”

Afterwards, we do not need to be concerned at all about anything, because we are relying on Hashem, and if Hashem would want us to do something different, we would also want to do differently, according to His will (Sichot HaRan, 2).

We can go about our lives with simplicity and emuna for the sake of Heaven. We still need a set time for cheshbon nefesh (soul accounting), but the rest of the day we need to be happy. “I will do what is mine to do and know that Hashem runs the world.” Over time, this relieves us of all worries and ultimately leads to a place of great happiness where we are free to just serve Hashem.

Based on From the Depths, by Rav Ofer Erez

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