Accepting our Tribulations with Love

Most of us do not want trials and tribulations, and we certainly do not go out looking for them. As we have previously discussed in No Sins, No Pain And Suffering, for the majority of us, “There are no tribulations without transgression” (Shabbat 55a). Once they come, we must believe that they are a very good sign, showing us that Hashem cares about us very much! Trials and tribulations are a sign that Hashem is calling us to get closer to Him!

Although most of us actually want to correct our souls, there are times when we are not sure exactly what we need to do. It seems as if great clouds and darkness surround us. During these situations, we need to talk with Hashem and ask Him for guidance. We need for Hashem to illuminate us.

We need to take our eyes off the problem and look only to Hashem. It is especially during these trying times that we must remember, Ein Od Milvado (There is only Hashem), as in “That you  may know that Hashem, He is G-d; there is none else beside Him” (Deuteronomy 4:35). We must also remember, as discussed previously in Distancing To Be Brought Near, that all distancing is for the purpose of drawing us near to Hashem. Determined and sincere personal prayers to Hashem rarely go unanswered! Eventually, Hashem will show us exactly what we need to correct.

After trying to understand Hashem’s messages, while we still are in the midst of the clouds of confusion and the troubles remain, we must then rely on emuna and remember that Hashem does everything for a purpose and for our best. Our acceptance of our trials and tribulations with love and with a submissive heart invokes tremendous compassion from Hashem, and is the peak of complete emuna. 

Based on The Garden of Emuna, by Rabbi Shalom Arush, and a special “Yasher Koach!” to my beloved spiritual brother, Eliezer Guterman


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