Two are Better than One

Our goal is to join Torah learning with emuna. Torah knowledge alone can lead a person astray from the path of Hashem, G-d forbid. On the other hand, emuna without Torah knowledge, while not optimal, is still good. However, refinement and perfection come only by means of a strong connection of emuna and Torah knowledge.

Rebbe Nachman teaches us (Likutei Moharan I: 31), that we should each strive to become both a tzaddik (a righteous person) and a Torah scholar. It will be very difficult to be pious, since piety requires familiarity with Halakha (religious law). A Torah scholar alone is also not good, since one can be a scholar and yet possess wicked desires and base character traits. Our goal should be to obtain much knowledge in the laws and wisdom of Torah, and to be a pious individual of unshakable emuna as well.

As King Solomon says, “Two are better than one, for they have a good reward for their labor” (Ecclesiastes 4:9). Emuna and Torah knowledge need to be combined. “For if they fall, one can lift the other” (ibid 4:10). When one has both Torah knowledge and emuna, the person is better prepared to withstand a spiritual setback. With only Torah knowledge or emuna, a person is not nearly as strong during challenging times. Hence, we should each strive to combine our Torah knowledge with emuna.

Based on The Garden of Knowledge, by Rabbi Shalom Arush

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