Believing In Oneself

“The main thing is emuna (faith)” (Likutei Moharan II: 5:1)

Rabbi Natan tells us that working on our emuna, faith in Hashem, is the ultimate goal in life and fundamental to everything we do. “All Your mitzvot are emuna” (T’hillim 119:86). When we unconditionally believe in Hashem, the Torah, and the true tzaddikim, our emuna is complete. As discussed in Serving Hashem In Simplicityemuna exists only where knowledge does not.

Proper emuna includes believing that Hashem is the only true Reality, that He is the ultimate good, and that He governs His creation according to the principle of reward and punishment. Emuna in Torah includes believing that, as the Word of G-d, both the Oral and Written Torah are the manifestation of His Will and His instruction for how we are to draw close to Him. Emuna in true tzaddikim entails believing that these truly righteous individuals are sent by Hashem to guide us in proper understanding and practice of the Torah and greater devotion to Him, as discussed in, We Each Need a True Spiritual Guide.

There is actually a fourth area of emuna, distinct from the others, namely, the emuna a person must have in oneself. This requires believing that we are each precious in Hashem’s eyes, and that we also can know Him and have a direct connection to Him. Also, we must believe that, with Hashem’s help, each of us can succeed in our spiritual journey. All of the lofty spiritual goals mentioned about the true tzaddikim are attainable by us, each at one’s level. Hence, we cannot even start on our spiritual journey without having emuna in ourselves!

Based on notes in Likutei Moharan II, Volume XII, BRI

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