Attachment to Hashem by Guarding Our Eyes

Our main mission in this world is to cling to Hashem. In order to accomplish this, we must have proper emuna. To attain emuna, belief in Hashem, we must guard our eyes. Therefore, in order to accomplish our mission in life of attaching to Hashem, we must guard our eyes.

We guard our eyes by closing them to this world. When we open our eyes, we connect with our surroundings in this world, which is filled with worry, fear, anxiety, depression, envy, hate, and every imaginable type of debauchery and bodily lust. By means of closing our eyes, we disengage from the sources of spiritual impurity in this world. By guarding our eyes, no matter where we are, we can remain attached to Hashem.

While thoughts devoid of emuna can torment a person and lead to emotional instability, thoughts of emuna make life a paradise on earth. If we do a little soul-searching, we will realize that whenever we lack emuna that everything is from Hashem and that everything is for our best, we suffer.

Hence, we have only two choices: we can choose a life without emuna (leading to arrogance, frustration, depression, worry, anxiety, nervousness, constant conflicts with others, and negative thoughts) or we can choose a life with emuna (leading to positive thoughts, joy, and optimism). The choice is ours. In order to attain proper emuna, we must guard our eyes.

King David says, “My eyes look always to Hashem” (T’hillim 25:15). We can only cling to Hashem when we guard our eyes. When we only look to Hashem, we become humble. In Psalm 138 King David tells us that Hashem especially watches over the humble, but distances Himself from the proud. The key to getting close to Hashem and to humility is by guarding our eyes.

Based on The Garden of Purity, by Rabbi Shalom Arush

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