Results Are Not In Our Hands

Many times, no matter how hard we try, things don’t quite work out as planned, and we see no progress or blessing in our efforts. We must realize that whatever we do in this life, our only true concern is to fulfill the present task to the best of our ability as Hashem grants us. Since we are here in this World of Action, our only concern is with actions. As for the success of our actions — that is Hashem’s business.

When we worry about the outcome of our endeavors, we are worrying about something that is not under our control. As Yoav said, ” Be of courage, and let us strengthen ourselves for the sake of out people … and Hashem will do what is right in His eyes” (I Chronicles 19:13). Our part is to do the best we can at that moment — its success or otherwise belongs only to Hashem.

We cannot truly understand Hashem’s ways; He is Ein Sof, Infinite and we are His creatures. However, what is certain is that Hashem deals with each of us according to what we deserve at that moment. Hashem alone knows how to repay each of us for our efforts.

Sometimes we see instant results; other time we can wait for years. Even then, we must remember that each delay is ultimately for our good. Our Sages teach us, “If a person says, ‘I toiled and I found, believe him” (Megilla 6b). There are times when we make a small effort and Hashem immediately blesses us abundantly, which is definitely more of a “find” than a reward.

During those times in our lives when we toil greatly and see no results or blessings, we must strengthen ourselves and believe that our only obligation is to do our best, and let Hashem do what is right in His eyes. Hashem never withholds reward from anybody.

Based on In All Your Ways: A Guide to Avodas Hashem, Collected Discoursesof Rabbi Yaakov Meir Shechter, The Past Does Not Exist.

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