Each Person’s Unique Knowledge of Hashem

“For I know that HaShem is great, our G-d above all others” (Tehillim 135:5)

These are David HaMelekh’s words. “I know” — I alone, for the vision of Hashem’s greatness cannot be shared.

You may have a vision, but even within yourself you cannot share it. Today, you may be inspired and see a new light. But tomorrow, you will no longer be able to communicate it, even to yourself. “I know” — I as I am now. For the vision cannot be brought back…

Sichos HaRan, Sicha 1

What is meant by “For I know that Hashem is great”? Rebbe Nachman says that mamash every person says these words. This is because, we might say that we know Hashem, but words are meaningless. In our meditation, as we begin to ponder our knowledge of the existence of Hashem, we realize that the thought we reach is something that cannot be brought down into words.  This is “I know,” but I cannot speak about this.

The point of “I know” means that I am unique in this knowledge, because no two people are on the same spiritual level. When it comes to the knowing Hashem, we each know only a limited amount. The more we consecrate ourselves in holiness by means of mitzvot, the closer we come to Hashem. The closer we each get to Hashem, the higher the level of “I know” that we can each attain.

Based on Rebbe Nachman’s Soul: A Commentary on Sichos HaRan from the Classes of Rabbi Zvi Aryeh Rosenfeld zal, Complied and edited by Rabbi Shlomo Katz, Breslov Research Institute.

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