The Power of Speech When We Fall

We all need to understand that the power of speech is very great. With speech, we can strengthen ourselves. Even if we have fallen very low, G-d forbid, we can strengthen ourselves to speak words of truth, words of Torah and prayer and the fear of Heaven, and to speak to our Creator as our close friend.

“As I speak about him, I remember him” (Jeremiah 31:19). Speech helps remind us about Hashem. Although it may appear differently, we must believe that even in the low places we fall to, G-d forbid, Hashem is still there with us, as written, “Who dwells with them in the midst of their defilement” (Leviticus 16:16).

Speech is an aspect of “A mother of children” (Tehillim 113:9). Just as a mother always accompanies her children, even to impure places, and never forgets them, so does speech accompany us into impure places, always reminding us of Hashem.

It is specifically through speech, oral confession to Hashem, that we can rectify what we have blemished. As written, “Take words with you” (Hosea 14:3), meaning that we must confess with all our heart “before Hashem.”  Then, we can “return to Hashem,” and all the things we had blemished will be returned to their source. This is the great power of speech, which always accompanies us, even to the filthy places we fall.

Based on Likutei Moharan I: 78.


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One thought on “The Power of Speech When We Fall”

  1. I really appreciate the encouragement of this post! It is so true that what we say will effect every area of our lives and it’s comforting to know that Hashem is there with us even when our speech has “fallen”.


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