Torah Study and Prayer

“Ashrei, happy are those whose way is perfect, who walk in the Torah of Hashem” (Tehillim 120:1).

Know! by means of Torah, all the prayers and all the requests that we request and pray are all accepted…”By means of Torah… chein, (grace) and importance are enhanced. For the Torah is called ‘a beloved doe and a graceful gazelle’ (Proverbs 5:29) — she bestows chein upon those who study her (Eruvin 54b). And through this, all prayers and requests are accepted” (Likutei Moharan I:1).

This is Rebbe Nachman’s advice to all of us when we feel our prayers go unanswered. As most of us know, occasionally we can pray and pray to Hashem for something, yet we see no results. This causes us to begin to lose our emuna (faith) in Hashem. As a result, we slacken in our prayers, which in turn makes them even less acceptable to Hashem. Rebbe’s advice to each of us during these difficult times is, “Know! by means of Torah, all the prayers and all the requests … are all accepted.”

Rebbe teaches that everything in life demands deeper study. Each of us “must always focus on the inner intelligence of every matter” (Likutei Moharan I:2), each according to our level. Everything in creation exists to increase our emuna, which brings us closer to Hashem.

We must strive to seek out the inner intelligence, the G-dliness, found in everything. However, when the understanding is lacking, when the G-dliness is obscured, this is when we must initially rely on our emuna in Hashem.

The reason we must try to understand is because the inner G-dliness in everything draws us closer to Hashem, since the purpose of everything in creation is “in order to know Him” (Zohar II, 42a). Attaining the awareness of this inner G-dliness in everything is a multi-step process. We must first focus on the wisdom in the thing. Then, we must bind ourselves to that wisdom, which leads to our enlightenment, enabling us to draw closer to Hashem.

R’ Natan explains in Torat Natan #1 that everything in creation is made up of an external aspect, as well as the inner aspect. Our goal should be to understand all of creation by means of the inner G-dliness. As R’ Natan emphasizes, this is only possible through Torah. Only through Torah study can we free ourselves of the physical desires and attachments that dim our ability to perceive the spiritual.

It is only through Torah study that we can become enlightened and draw down grace. We then merit for Hashem to help us control our physical desires and subdue our bad habits and negative character traits. This, then, allows us to draw closer to Hashem. And this is how Torah study gives us the merit to begin to have all our prayers and all our requests accepted by Hashem…

Based on Likutei Moharan, Volume I, Breslov Research Institute

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