Getting to Know Hashem

Hashem essentially has one simple request from each of us, namely, to get to know Him. According to the Zohar, Hashem created us for the sole purpose of getting to know Him. Every event in our lives actually contains concealed and personal messages from Hashem, designed to stimulate our emuna, faith in Him, and to encourage us to speak to Him, which helps us to get closer to Him. The closer we each get to Hashem, the better we get to know Him.

Achieving closeness to Hashem and getting to know Him is our primary tikkun, soul correction — our primary mission in life. Hashem, in His limitless love for each of us, directs our lives in such a way for us to successfully achieve this goal. Understanding that everything in our lives is for our own ultimate good, to help us achieve our tikkun, enables us to cope with all types of situations in our lives — both the good and what appears to us as “not so good” — happily and without stress, worry, or anxiety.

When we ignore Hashem’s personal messages, He is compelled to send us “louder” messages — situations of greater difficulty. Those who fail to get to know Hashem in good times risk being placed in more difficult situations, devoid of any natural or logical solutions. At this point, the only possible solution is to cry out to Hashem. Through His infinite loving-kindness, Hashem does this to help us reach our tikkun of drawing close to Him and getting to know Him better. The more we cooperate, the easier our lives will become…

Based on The Garden of Emuna, by Shalom Arush.

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