Finding the Good Points to Awaken from “Sleep”

“One should strengthen oneself like a lion to rise up in the early morning in the service of one’s Creator, awakening the dawn.” (Beit Yosef)

“I shall place Hashem before me always” is a fundamental principle in Torah.” (Rema)

Chazal teach us that “sleep” is one-sixtieth of death (Berakhot 57b). When we are spiritually “asleep,” when we feel distant from Hashem, believing that our sins and spiritual blemishes have separated us from Him, this is the time for us to search for some good points within. We must ask ourselves “How is it possible that I have never done any good in my life?” Even though the “good points” we find within ourselves still contain some “not so good,” there is at least some good in them. In this manner, we must continue to seek out the good points within us.

By judging ourselves favorably and finding that we still have some good points, we leave the category of sinfulness, enabling us to do t’shuva (repentance). This corresponds to an arousal from “sleep.” Similarly, we must search for the good points in others, arousing them to do t’shuva.

“A little bit more and there is no wicked one…” (Tehillim 37:10). By finding the “little bit more” of good within ourselves and others, “you shall look closely at his place, and he is not there.” This is alluded to in, “I will sing praise to Hashem with my little bit,” (ibid, 146:2). Through finding the “little bit” of good points within ourselves, we are able to sing and praise Hashem.

Based on Likutei Moharan I:282, English Edition, Breslov Research Institute and Likutei Halakhot, Orach Chaim IPart 1, Hilkhot Hashkamat HaBoker 1, English Edition.

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