The Good Eye – Searching for Good Points

Our hearts should constantly burn for Hashem, and we should sanctify ourselves with many holy things. Even the small things we do for Hashem are actually very much; even just one word of Torah, one short prayer, giving a small coin for tzeddaka (charity). This is even more so in our lowly generation, when there are so many obstacles and difficulties standing in our way of doing any mitzvah (righteous deed).

We need to understand how dear it is to Hashem when we overcome our many obstacles and difficulties in order to perform even one “small” mitzvah. Hashem is well aware of all of the negative influences in our generation. He knows of all the distractions in our lives. Each time we wrap t’fillin, light Shabbat candles, say of few words of Torah, or do any tiny act of kindness for someone, Hashem gets to much satisfaction.

Never minimize any small thing done, because “what is small to us is great for Him.” Each of us needs to search out our good points and be happy with them, just as Hashem is happy with them! By doing this, we will be able to more good in the world, correcting our soul blemishes and those of all of creation.

Rebbe Nachman teaches:

A person needs to look for the good points within oneself, because it is known that a person needs to be very careful to always be happy, and and to distance oneself from sadness a very great deal. A person just needs to search and look inside oneself for a little bit of good, some good point in a mitzva or a good deed a person has done, in order to give life to oneself and come to happiness, and through this, a person can truly move from the side of judgment to the side of merit. (Likutei Moharan I:282)

The very fact that we exist and are alive is a wonderful kindness from Hashem every day. When we remember our good points and are happy with them, and we say “thank you” to Hashem, we merit appreciating all of Hashem’s goodness and kindness. This allows Hashem to increase the good we contain within us even more.

Once we get used to looking for the good within ourselves,when we develop a “good eye,” we will begin to view the world completely differently. We will begin to look at the world with a good eye and will see the hidden good in the world and in others. We will begin to say good things about other people, especially about our fellow Jews, we will try to judge a situation favorably even when seeing something that is not so good, and we will begin to try to find the good points in other people.

At this point, Hashem is able to give us the gift of happiness and contentment in our present situations. Rebbe Nachman teaches us that in order to merit being truly happy and content, we need to seek out the root of good, which can be found inside all of the “not so good” that we think we are seeing…

Based completely on From the Depths, by Ofer Erez.

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