Be Holy as Hashem is Holy

The lust of fornication and promiscuity leads to all the filth and evil that is so dominant in our society. The Zohar tells us that the main challenge in the world is to maintain and guard personal holiness. Rebbe Nachman (Rebbe Nachman Discourses, 115) teaches us that as much as people love and chase after money, their lust for fornication is even stronger. R” Natan adds (Likutei Halakhot, Shluchin 3) that a person’s difficulties in life all stem from one’s failure to properly guard one’s personal purity.

Although the lust of fornication has been with us since the very beginning, this generation’s obsession with every possible form of debauchery, plastered freely over every public forum imaginable, and easily available by internet on just about every electronic device, appears to be history’s climax in lust and debauchery.

In spite of the spiritual awakening spreading throughout our people and the world, many have yet to realize that without completely uprooting the lust for fornication and promiscuity, one’s yetzer hara (evil inclination) remains virtually intact. We must understand and internalize that the primary purpose of Torah and mitzvot (commandments, righteous deeds) is to enable us to fulfill Hashem’s will that we become a holy people, as Hashem Himself is Holy (Leviticus 19:2).

Based on The Garden of Purity, by Shalom Arush.

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