The Power of Repentance

Rebbe Nachman teaches that every sin, from Adam HaRishon until today, will be turned around and rectified. When we fall, the moment we regret our actions and do t’shuva (repentance), everything is turned around for the good. Through t’shuva, all of our sins and bad midot (character traits) can be turned around and rectified.

If we merit to perform t’shuva out of love for Hashem, rather than simply out of fear of punishment, not only will we be forgiven, but even our intentional sins will be made into merits (Yoma 86b).

T’shuva from love means that we feel such a closeness to Hashem and love Him to such an extent that we immediately cry out, “I don’t want this bad that is inside of me! I just want to be close to You!” This is t’shuva from love of Hashem. Gradually, through t’shuva out of love, our sins and bad midot will turn into zeichut (merit) and bring us closer to Hashem.

When we stand before the Heavenly court, they will show us our mitzvot (righteous deeds) of breaking Shabbat, eating non-kosher food…

“In the place where ba’alei t’shuva stand, even the perfectly righteous cannot stand ” (Berakhot 34b).” Why” Because the ba’alei t’shuva, who have done t’shuva out of love for Hashem, have mitzvot that even the tzaddikim (righteous) don’t have — mitzvot born out of sins.

Rebbe Nachman teaches in Likutei Moharan I:22, “In those days … they will look for the sins of Israel, and there will be einenu (none)” [Yirmiyahu, 50:20]. This is because, in the future, when Hashem reveals Himself, everyone will do t’shuva out of love for Him, turning sins into merits. All of the sins will be nullified in ein (none), namely, in “Ein Sof.” There, the sins are turned into merits through t’shuva out of love. This is an aspect of falling in order to rise…

Based on From the Depths, “Teshuva from love — mitzvahs from sins,” by Ofer Erez



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