Uniting Prayer with Torah Learning

Rebbe Nachman teaches (Likutei Moharan I: 22) that the expression of sincere Torah learning is when the light of Torah stimulates the person to pray. When prayer is combined with Torah learning, we can steadily ascend the spiritual ladder, and understand today what we were unable to understand yesterday.

Rebbe Nachman adds (Likutei Moharan I: 25) that when we pray for Hashem’s assistance in fulfilling our Torah learning, we merit not only to understand the Torah we are learning, but Hashem personally directs our path of truth and righteousness. Hashem derives tremendous satisfaction and pleasure when we bring our Torah learning into our prayers.

Prayer builds “vessels” to contain the Divine shefa, bounty. Without prayer, we have no vessel to accept the spiritual light of our Torah learning. Without Torah, we remain ignorant, and cannot observe Hashem’s mitzvot, commandments. Learning alone is also insufficient. We must be able to internalize what we are learning.

Before we learn, we must pray for Hashem to help us in out Torah learning. After our Torah learning, we must pray that Hashem assist us in being able to fulfill what we have learned. This is why we must pray, and learn Torah, and pray some more. 

Based on In Forest Fields: A unique guide to personal prayer, by Shalom Arush

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